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Project Description
Photo Spider is used to crawl the web for free high-pixel photos. This tool is free and written in C#4.0, it is run on the .NET4.0 platform.

  • Download high pixel photos freely (>= 800*600, and also you can configurate this pixel).
  • Filter the photos those name, size and content are the same.
  • Can specify the key words to search.
  • Supports multi-thread, and can be started as multi-process.
  • Supports regular expressions, can be defined by youself. And we used the LINQ to XML technology.
  • Supports MSI deployment.

How to check in/out the source code
Visual Studio Team Explorer
Teamprise Explorer
CodePlex Client

How to configurate zspider.exe.config

Just do like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <section name="Log" type="Zivsoft.Log.Handler,Zivsoft.Log"/>
    <add key="ServerMapping"  value="Zivsoft.Services.Principle.dll"/>
  <Log level="DEBUG">
    <LogFile enabled="true">log.log</LogFile>
    <Console len="max">false</Console>
    <XmlLog enabled="true">log.xml</XmlLog>

How to configurate ServerList.DAT

The following is the example for you.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
 <Server Url="">
     <Expression Folder="zivsoft_photo_crawl">href="/spider/([^"]*?).html"</Expression>
 <Server Url="">
     <Expression Folder="computer">href="/csharp/([^"]*?).html"</Expression>
     <Expression Folder="ajax">href="/spider/([^"]*?).html"</Expression>
     <Expression Folder="lihua">href="/laozhou/([^"]*?).html"</Expression>
     <Expression Folder="apple">href="/loveyou/([^"]*?).html"</Expression>

Download the .NET Framework 4.0

If you did not install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, you can download it here
As the software ZSpider.NET runs on platform .NET4.0, you must install this framework first. If you run the setup package, and you did not install the .net4.0, it will help install it automatically.

The latest build downloads

We are now accepting donations to help support ZSpider.NET and accelerate development on it.

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